Welcome, dear reader, to Sandwich World!

This, if you haven't noticed yet, is a comic drawn and written by none other than myself, Tom "Mr. Irony" Martin.

Now, nobody can be told what Sandwich World is... you have to see it for yourself. What I can do, however, is tell you a little bit about how this site works and make your Sandwich World experience a pleasurable one that'll have you coming back for more, day after day. And I know you will.

What kind of comic is Sandwich World?

In theory, Sandwich World is a daily humour strip situated in a sandwich franchise. I say "in theory", because while I should update every weekday, real life has the bad habit of interrupting. However, despite these rude interruptions, I intend to keep going strong, so unless I note otherwise on the front page, new strips should keep coming!

Sandwich World is a serial strip, meaning that while each strip ends with a "gag", they often reference to the strip previous to it in one way or another. Henceforth, I can create extended storylines, ripe with opportunities for insane adventures, plot twists, and whatever else my warped mind can come up with.

The idea behind Sandwich World is to make you laugh. I try to keep the language fairly mild, so while there isn't any outright swearing, there are some things that might offend more sensitive viewers.

But that's their problem, not mine.

How do I read Sandwich World?

Well, you might want to start with the first strip.

After that, there's a little sandwich underneath the strips that you can use to go backwards and forwards. If you look closely, you'll notice little arrows behind it; the outer arrows lead you straight to the beginning and the end of the series, while the inner arrows only take you one strip ahead or behind. It's fairly easy to figure out.

And of course, there's always the storyline dropdown menu which you can find below the sandwich. This has the strips sorted by chronological storyline order, so if there's a particular storyline you want to zip to, just find it on the list and go straight there!

This is the thing I'm talking about:

Finally, if you want to go poring through the individual archives, you can do it on my archives page. Here the strips are ordered by date and nothing else, so if you're looking for a specific strip, unless you remember roughly the date, you'll be doing a lot of fishing around!

Cool! Can I help in any way?

How kind of you to offer!

Well, there's several ways you can help! The first and foremost way is simple: keep reading! Come back every day and enjoy it! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you're willing to take several seconds from your day to gaze upon my hard, back-breaking toil (well okay, more like arm-breaking).

And if you find that a strip is particularly fanciful, drop me an e-mail! Tell me what you think, whether it's about the story, the characters, the art, or even the website design! I love hearing from my readers as it proves that someone out there actually reads!

And if e-mail isn't quite your thing, you can always pop on over to the local forum and spice things up! I frequent it quite often, so while you'll still get a response from me via e-mail, in the forum you can get everyone involved!

Another nice way to help out is to tell everyone you know, have ever met, will possibly meet and their neighbors about my comic! The more who read, the better! I'm an attention whore.

Also, I do commissions! This is where I pimp out my art talents for the enjoyment of others, with nice returns for me! I'd much rather do this than simply ask for donations, since with this method, everyone gets something! My art talents are actually quite better than what I display with Sandwich World, since most strips are done rather rapidly. Check out my art forum for more info or if you have any questions!

Finally, if you really want to do something to help me out and show your appreciation, you could always take some time and whip me up a piece of fan art! I really don't care whether you can actually draw or not and simply appreciate the gesture... I'm one of those rare people who can content himself with the thought rather than the actual receiving (although I still enjoy that as well!).

What is up with that safe?!


Can I have your children?

Sorry, I don't give those away.

Well, hey, I've got a comic too! Wanna trade links?


How many fingers am I holding up?

Wait, do you mean fingers still attached to your hand? 'Cause if not, that's just creepy.

Anything else I should know?

Umm, not too sure... Anything you particularly want to know about?

Well, I've covered all the basics, haven't I?

I think so.

So that's it then?

Let me think... Yeah, I believe so.

And anyway, you can always e-mail me!

Well, alright then... thanks!

Hey, my pleasure! Glad to have you aboard!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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